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Planning Your Landscaping Project – Deck and Patio

For landscaping in general, and for deck and patio planning, when we meet with clients to discuss their “OutdoorSpace” needs, we always start off by asking the following question… “How do you intend on using your OutdoorSpace”. This is a critical question that helps us understand how our clients intend on using their OutdoorSpace… BEFORE we head down the path of creating a landscape design.
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Our 2017 Landscaping Season

We just kick-started our marketing for the 2017 landscaping season. We installed a 51′ x 7′ Vinyl Banner on the side of our Dry Van Trailer that is parked on the west side of the QE2 highway just south of the city limits. This should get us some attention!

The Average Cost of Landscaping – Our Landscaping Price Guide

average cost of landscaping

How to Budget for Your Landscape Revitalization Project

When creating a budget for your Landscape Revitalization project, having a general understanding of the average cost of landscaping is a great place to start. Given that most homeowners have very little or zero experience landscaping a yard, I elected to write this article in order to offer some insight with respect to things that should be considered before and during the Landscape Design process.

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We are already starting to book projects for the 2017 Landscaping Season!

We are already starting to book projects for the “2017 Landscaping Season”. Let OutdoorSpace help you realize your landscaping dreams!

2016 was a busy and successful year!

2016 was a busy and successful year for Outdoorspace and we are looking forward to helping more clients realize their landscaping dreams in 2017!