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OutdoorSpace is pleased to announce that we are now offering our clients a number of enhanced “Professional Landscape & Architectural Design Services” for the 2018 Landscaping season.

Did you know – Engaging the services of a “Professional Landscape & Architectural Design” company should be considered as a critical component of any Landscaping or Architectural project. Would you build a house without preparing a design drawing so you can take a look at what the final product will look like? Probably NOT! So WHY would you attempt to Landscape your yard without first taking the time to create a Landscape Design!

Fact is – if you elect not to create a landscape design BEFORE you start your project, you run a very BIG risk of constructing something that does not meet your expectations. Even worse, you run a very BIG risk of having a disconnect with your landscaping contractor after the project is underway or completed. With this in mind, we encourage you to invest some time to read some of the (negative) reviews on the internet… and there are PLENTY of them to choose from!

Given that all projects are not considered “equal”, we are pleased to offer our clients a choice of Landscape & Architectural Design Options so they can select the one that best suit their needs and budget.


Architectural (Deck, Pergola & Arbor) Designs – $475.00

This option includes for the detailed design of your Deck, Pergola or Arbor using our professional “3D” modelling software. We initiate the process by taking photos of your house. We then prepare a design of the structure using our Professional Architectural Design Software incorporating all of the materials and features you have selected. Once the design has been completed we then attach it to the house and show you what the Deck, Pergola or Arbor will actually look like. As a result of utilizing the “3D” modelling software, we are able to rotate the design and show you what the structure will “actually” look like from a multitude of views and angles… and long before a single nail has ever been driven into a piece of wood!



Landscape Design Option #1 – $475.00

This option includes a basic “2D” (plan view) Landscape Design Drawing. It will showcase the layout of all “Hardscape” features such as Patios, Fire Pits, Water Features & Retaining Walls etc. and all Architectural features such as Decks, Fences, Sheds and Pergolas in relation to pre-existing structures that are identified on your (RPR) Real Property Report. This design option also includes for the layout of “Softscape” features such as Trees and Shrub Beds and various types of Ground Cover. Please note: all Trees, Shrubs and Plants will be shown for purposes of design drawing presentation, but they will not be specifically selected and or strategically located.


Landscape Design Option #2 – $775.00

This option includes all design criteria from design option #1 plus the strategic placement and identification of all Trees, Shrubs and Plants. This design option comes complete with a detailed Planting Schedule which will specifically identify the species of Trees, Shrubs and Plants, Sizes and Quantities of each.

landscape design


Landscape Design Option #3 – $975.00

This option includes all design criteria from design options #1 and 2 plus the inclusion and strategic placement of Low Voltage Lighting fixtures.


Landscape Design Option #4 – $1,275.00

This option includes all design criteria from design options #1, 2 & 3 plus “3D” modelling of the “2D” (plan view) Landscape Design Drawing. This option will provide you with a “real life” look at what the design will actually look like… long before construction even begins!


Landscape Design Option #5 – $1,675.00

This option includes design criteria from all previous Landscape & Architectural design options plus a chance to take a “Virtual Tour” of your OutdoorSpace… and long before a shovel ever hits the ground. Now how cool is that!



Design Drawing Revisions

After the initial design has been finalized and presented, any and all drawing revisions thereafter will be charged out at the rate of $75.00 per hour (plus GST).


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