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Hardscape Landscaping Care

When it comes to hardscape landscaping care & maintenance, there’s a few things you should know. Read our guide below to help make sure your hardscaping lasts a long time and looks it’s best!

hardscape landscaping care

Paving Stones, Paving Slabs & Flagstone

While Paving Stones and Flagstone require very little in the way of “Ongoing Maintenance”, they do require some TLC, and especially if you want them to look good for many years to come. “Polymeric Sand” or “Polymeric Rock” is brushed into the Paver or Flagstone joints when the Patio, Pathway or Driveway was initially installed. It’s not uncommon for some of the Jointing Sand or Jointing Rock to “settle” or form small “pockets” during the first year or two after installation. If this happens, Jointing Sand or Rock of the same type and colour needs to be brushed into the joints. When we install Patios we always leave a small amount of Jointing Sand or Rock after each project. You can easily make this repair yourself, or you can contact us and we would be more than happy to stop by and take care of it for you. Should you experience any staining, such as Bar-B-Que Grease, we recommend using an Approved Cleaning Agent. One brand we recommend is “Polybind”. We cannot stress the importance of following the manufacturer’s instructions. Please note: Staining of Flagstone Jointing Rock is common with certain types of “Natural Stone”, such as “Bronze”. This is caused as a direct result of the “oxidization” of the “iron” that is contained within the stone itself. As a result of the oxidization process, it creates a “Rusting” effect. Do not be alarmed, as the Jointing Rock will take on more of a “natural” look and blend in with the Stone over time.

Retaining Walls

Some Types of Retaining Walls incorporate “Cap Stones”. In most cases the Cap Stones are glued into place using a special Concrete Adhesive to prevent them from moving. When constructing a Retaining Wall System, OutdoorSpace utilizes “LePage – PL Premium Construction Adhesive”. You can purchase this product at most hardware stores. Given the geographic region we live and based on the severe swings in temperature that we experience, it is not uncommon for the Retaining Wall Caps to become “unglued”.

If this happens, the Cap needs to be removed, any contamination (soil or cobwebs etc.) brushed off along with the removal of the old adhesive. Please note: The Cap Stones need to be dry and free of any and all contamination before applying a fresh layer of Adhesive.

Please note: If the Stone is wet, the Adhesive will not adhere. It is also recommended that Stones are not glued if rain is expected within 24 hours after the Stone is intended to be set back into place.

You should also refrain from watering the grass for the same period of time and refrain from stepping on them until the Adhesive has hardened. Once again, if you would prefer, we would be happy to stop by and take care of the repair for you.

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Decks, Pergolas, Arbors & Fences

Structures that are constructed utilizing “Pressure Treated” lumber should not be painted for a minimum of “One” year. Why is that you may ask? During the “Pressure Treating” process at the lumber mill, the lumber is subject to an injection and heating process. As a result of this process, the liquid that is injected (under pressure) tens to “ooze” (leak) out from the inside of the lumber. It can take up to one year for this process to stop.

Structures that have been stained or painted will need to be maintained on a regular basis in order to maintain the integrity of the structure itself. If this is something that you would prefer not to do yourself, we would be happy to provide you with a quotation for this service.

If a Deck has incorporated “composite” (manmade) type of decking or facia material such as “TimberTech” or “Trex Deck”, we recommended that it is Pressure Washed at least Twice per year. Composite Decking is not cheap, so the last thing you want to do is neglect your investment.

We recommend that you Pressure Wash the structure (at a minimum) once in the Spring before you put out your patio furniture, and again at the end of the summer when you put your patio furniture away for the winter. Utilizing a “High Pressure Washer” will provide a Deep Cleaning of the deck boards and will typically remove any built-up dirt or minor surface stains that may be present. This process will help to minimize the potential for any Permanent staining.

Should you have a stubborn stain that requires the aid of a “Cleaning Agent”, we highly recommend that you consult the manufacturers list of “Approved Cleaning Agents” before applying them to the surface to be cleaned. Failure to do so may result in the finish being compromised and the warranty being void. Regular Pressure Washing of the structure will also maintain the lustre and overall look of the deck structure, providing you and your family with many years of enjoyment. Once again, we would be happy to provide you with a quotation to provide this service if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

Hardscape Landscaping

We trust you found the information contained in this article to be helpful? Should you have any additional questions regarding the care and maintenance of your yard or property, we ask that you please do not hesitate to contact us!


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