Snow Removal Edmonton

Edmonton Residential Snow Removal Services

We provide snow removal services in Edmonton commencing November 1st and concluding March 31st.

How Can We Help With Residential Snow Removal in Edmonton?

Don’t have the time or just hate the idea of shovelling the WHITE STUFF again this winter?

Do you need to hire a reputable contractor for the season or for a short period of time while you are away on vacation?

We can help you with that!

Unlike lawn care, snow removal is one of those services that requires a REPUTABLE and DEPENDABLE contractor! Someone you can count on when you need them the most!

Rest assured… you can count on us!

Snow in Edmonton Talus Balls

WCB Insured?

Another consideration for a homeowner when selecting a snow removal contractor – is the contractor insured and do they have WCB (Workers Compensation Board) coverage? If they don’t and someone you hired to shovel your snow slips and falls and has to miss work, then you (the homeowner) is deemed as the “employer” and can be held liable for any lost wages. Not too many homeowners are aware of this, but they should be!

All of our employees and sub-contractors (if utilized) carry valid (up to-date) WCB insurance. In addition to this, we also carry two (2) million dollars of liability insurance.

Snow Removal Scheduling

Our commitment to you:
Our snow removal crews will shovel or blow (depending on conditions) snow within 24 hours (maximum) of a snowfall on any given day.

Our snow removal crews will shovel or blow snow on weekdays, weekends, and holidays with the exception of Christmas Eve (from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.), Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day as we value our employees and respect that they need to spend time with their family and friends over the Holiday Season.

We Also Provide Rooftop Snow Removal Services

Rooftop Snow Removal EdmontonDid you know:
Excessive amounts of built-up snow and ice on top of a roof can eventually lead to “Ice Damming”. This typically becomes a problem when we experience a warming (consecutive days above freezing) trend in the middle of the winter. The built-up snow and ice melts and eventually makes its way down the roof until it reaches the eave. At this point it re-freezes because this particular section of the roof is colder than the areas that are located directly over the heated parts of the house. As a result of the freezing, it starts to create an “Ice Dam”. As the snow and ice continues to melt and work its way down to the ice dam, it starts to back up. When this happens water then makes its way underneath the roof shingles and into the attic space below. In severe cases, water will work its way down into the outside wall cavity of the house, or through the ceiling of the home. Either way, you now have a BIG MESS to clean up. This can be easily prevented if the volume of snow on the roof is kept to a minimum over the course of the winter!

Residential Areas Serviced

We only service the following SW neighbourhoods:

  • Riverbend
  • Terwillegar
  • Ogilvie Ridge
  • Hodgson
  • Leger
  • Magrath
  • Mactaggart
  • Ambleside
  • Glenridding
  • Windermere

Edmonton Snow Removal

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