News Release – Launch of New Business and Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new company and website!

The Edmonton Landscape Lighting Company was created as an extension to OutdoorSpace Inc. It was created with the primary focus and objective of dedicating its attention and resources specifically to the Landscape and Accent Lighting industry.

At The Edmonton Landscaping Lighting Company, we strive to minimize the negative and destructive effects directly associated with Light Pollution. In an extended effort to fulfill our mission, we commit to being an Environmentally Friendly company. We will achieve this objective by “Designing and Installing Effective and Environmentally Friendly Landscape Lighting Systems that will…

Direct Light Where it’s NEEDED, and NOT Where It Isn’t

Let us show you What Your Outdoor Space can look like… After the Sun Goes Down!

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Voted One of 3 Top Landscaping Companies

One of 3 Best Landscaping Companies in Edmonton

We Were Voted One of 3 Best Landscaping Companies by

We were recently voted one of the 3 Best Landscaping Companies in Edmonton by Always nice to get a nod of appreciation for what we do!

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Should you have any questions or if you would like to request a quotation… we would love to hear from you!

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Proper Lot Grading Around House

grading a yard - grading around house - lot grading - grading yard - grading yard for drainage - leveling a backyard - yard grading services - landscaping and grading

The Importance of Maintaining Proper Grading Around the Foundation of Your Home

As a result of (common) backfilling practices that most home builders incorporate, the lot grading around the perimeter of the concrete foundation (Grading Around House) will settle (sink) over time. This is one of the reasons why we (as a landscaping contractor) are unable to provide any warranties with Patios or Sidewalks that are built in close proximity to the foundation walls. Read on for more information about grading problems (grading yard for drainage) and how our yard grading services can help!
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7 Amazing Facts About a Rubber Playground Surface in Edmonton

Rubber Playground Surface in Edmonton

With Outdoor Rubber Mats for a Playground Your children can have FUN and BEST of all… they can PLAY SAFE!

Playground surfacing is the single most important factor in reducing the risk of injury sustained from falls in playground areas. A playground is supposed to be a place where children should feel safe and have fun… not sustain injuries and have bad memories! We’d like to show you how having a rubber playground surface in Edmonton is a practical solution.

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Benefits of Composite Decking VS Wood Decking

composite decking vs wood decking

Edmonton Decks – Compare Decking Materials

I recently published an article titled “Most Common Edmonton Deck Building Questions”. In that particular article I covered many of the common questions we are asked regarding the construction and permit requirements in order to build an Edmonton Deck. While I tried to cover most of the common questions, I only “scratched the surface” with respect to the different types of materials that can be used, along with the Pros and Cons associated of each. Given that deck and fascia board material is a very important component of any deck, it prompted me to write a more in-depth article in order to shed some additional light on the subject. Let’s look into the benefits of wood decking, and the benefits of composite decking vs wood.

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Artificial Grass In Edmonton – 7 Questions & Answers You Need to Consider

Artificial Grass In Edmonton – A GREAT Alternative to REAL Grass!

Artificial Grass Edmonton Questions & Answers You NEED to consider – Whether it’s a place for the kids to kick a soccer ball around, a place for Dad or Mom to practice their putting skills or a place for the family pet to do its business… Artificial Turf can be enjoyed by everyone and it will prove to be a great investment!

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Beachcomber Discount – Hot Tub & Patio Furniture Discount Initiative

Beachcomber Discount

News Release – OutdoorSpace has Negotiated a Beachcomber Discount for Clients that Purchase Patio Furniture and Hot Tubs from Beachcomber Hot Tubs & Patio
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How to Maintain Ornamental Grass in Edmonton

How to Maintain Ornamental Grass in Edmonton

How to Maintain Ornamental Grass in Edmonton – And When is the Best Time to Cut Back Ornamental Grasses

The two most common questions many of our clients ask about how to maintain ornamental grass is… “when is the best time to cut back ornamental grasses?” and “how and when should I DIVIDE my Ornamental Grasses?”

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Edmonton Trees and the Adverse Effects of Black Knot Disease

What is Black Knot Disease?

Black Knot Disease is essentially fungus on tree branches, or as we like to refer to it at OutdoorSpace as “Turds on a Stick” is caused by the fungus Apiosporina morbosa and is a very common disease of plants in the genus Prunus category.
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Outdoor Rooms Without Walls Discount

Outdoor Rooms Without Walls

News Release – OutdoorSpace has Negotiated a Discount for Clients that Purchase Patio Furniture from Outdoor Rooms Without Walls
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Spring Yard Clean-up Edmonton – 3 Step Spring Yard Clean-up Checklist

spring yard clean-up edmonton

If you would like to get your spring yard clean-up off to a QUICK and AMAZING Start this Spring, we’ve got a 3 Step Spring Yard Clean-up Edmonton Checklist to help you cover the essential basics.

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Yard & Property Maintenance Services

One of 3 Best Landscaping Companies in Edmonton

OutdoorSpace is pleased to announce that effective spring of 2018 we will now be offering Yard & Property Maintenance Services.
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5 Questions Edmonton Deck Builders Hear Often

Edmonton deck builders questions

When constructing a Deck in Edmonton there are a number of factors that have to be taken into consideration… BEFORE you actually start looking for Edmonton deck builders and “hammering nails into wood”.

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Landscape & Architectural Design Services


OutdoorSpace is pleased to announce that we are now providing clients with a number of enhanced “Professional Landscape & Architectural Design Services” for the 2018 Landscaping season.

Check out our Landscape & Architectural Design Option Menu at

If you would like to inquire more about these services, just contact us here!

9 Essential Considerations When Hiring a Landscaper

hiring a landscaper

Are you looking at hiring a Landscaper for your next Edmonton Landscaping Project?

If so, you will find the following article of interest! We are going to show you how to hire a landscaper by laying out 9 essential considerations.
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Appointment of Courtney Tillotson

OutdoorSpace Inc. is pleased to welcome Courtney Tillotson to our creative TEAM!

Courtney will be spearheading our Landscape and Architectural Design department and brings with her a vast array of skills and knowledge associated with the industry.
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News Release – Website Upgrades

OutdoorSpace is pleased to announce that recent upgrades to our website have now been completed.

Check out our Before and After images of Edmonton Landscaping Projects we have completed in the past. You will be truly amazed at how a yard can be transformed from something so UGLY into something so BEAUTIFUL!


Landscaping Design Edmonton – The Importance of Creating a Landscape Design Before You Landscape or Revitalize your Outdoor Space!

Landscaping Design Edmonton

Fact is… Landscaping requires proper planning, and that’s where we can help with Landscaping Design in Edmonton. Your OutdoorSpace is an extension of your IndoorSpace, so why wouldn’t you spend the necessary time making sure you design your OutdoorSpace with your lifestyle in mind?

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Edmonton Landscaping Ideas to Help Sell Your House for Top Dollar

Would you like to Improve the Chances of Selling Your House for TOP DOLLAR and at LIGHTNING SPEED?

If so… you may want to read this article for some Edmonton landscaping ideas and watch the time lapse video we took of an Edmonton Landscape Revitalisation Project we completed this past summer.

This is What Happened…
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Riverbend Before and After – Backyard Landscaping

Before and after – Backyard Landscaping makeover! Our Riverbend landscaping project turned out amazing! A lot of different features went into this one…

Backyard Landscaping Before and After Photo
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