7 Amazing Facts About a Rubber Playground Surface in Edmonton

With Outdoor Rubber Mats for a Playground Your children can have FUN and BEST of all… they can PLAY SAFE!

Playground surfacing is the single most important factor in reducing the risk of injury sustained from falls in playground areas. A playground is supposed to be a place where children should feel safe and have fun… not sustain injuries and have bad memories! We’d like to show you how having a rubber playground surface in Edmonton is a practical solution.

Rubber Playground Surface in Edmonton

Fact is thousands of children every year sustain serious injuries from playground accidents in Canada and the United States. A playground surface is the single most determining factor in reducing injuries from a child’s fall. Rubber playground surfacing and foam padding that we install exceeds all industry standard testing to ensure your child is playing on a safe surface. Whether it’s for an indoor playground, outdoor playground or even in your back yard, have the peace of mind knowing that your children (and their friends) can have fun with… the best interest of their safety in mind!

The products we use are “Eco-Friendly” and made right here in North America!

Did you know according to the Canada Safety Council “an estimated 25,000 children nationwide receive emergency treatment every year due to injuries in the playground.” In the United States, this number rises to over 200,000 children. Falls from play structures and equipment account for two-thirds of the injuries and account for over $1 billion in medical and lawsuit costs annually.

So, what can be done to help prevent these playground hazards?

The Canadian Safety Council recommend that parents should check surfaces around any equipment from which a child could fall, and assess whether they can absorb the impact of a fall. Traditional surfaces such as Grass, Soil and even Play Sand are not acceptable and provide very little if any absorption from the impact at all. There are other options that include (recycled) Rubber Mulch, but there are a few drawbacks with these types of (loose) products.

  1. It can be induced and swallowed, resulting in serious if not fatal medical situations!
  2. It tends to get kicked out of the area and “tracked”. As a result it will find its way into unwanted areas such as grass, flower beds and swimming pools, and it will even find its way into the house via clothing and footwear
  3. You will need to excavate and haul away a lot of native soil/clay in order to create a deep enough cavity to fill with the rubber mulch or pellets
  4. It’s expensive as you will need to create a thick enough layer in order to provide adequate fall protection
  5. As a result of the cavity (hole) you will need to excavate, you will essentially create an awesome place for rain water and or irrigation water to accumulate, potentially turning the play area into one BIG swimming pool
  6. A great place for rodents or unwanted guests to hide and call home
  7. You will be unable to “clean” or “sanitize” the product, so it will create a potentially unhealthy environment for your “prized possessions” to play in
  8. I could go on… but I think you get the picture?

By incorporating a “PlaySafe Outdoor Rubber Matting” system you will essentially eliminate all of the drawbacks that I have just listed.

Rubber Playground Surface in Edmonton

Depending on the height of your playground structure, there are a variety of tile thicknesses to choose from…

  • 1.75 inch thick
  • 2.50 inch thick
  • 3.50 inch thick
  • 4.00 inch thick

Each thickness provides improved (fall height) protection ranging anywhere from 4 feet to 10 feet, which will provide adequate protection against falls from most play structures.

With an ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) F-1292 certification for up to 10 feet, the “Bounce Back” playground rubber surfacing is the perfect safety surface for most home or public playground applications.

Additional Facts You Should Know

  1. PlaySafe outdoor rubber matting is made from scrap tires providing an environmentally friendly solution that can be recycled again and again.
  2. PlaySafe playground safety surfacing meets and exceeds the strict requirements established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Americans with Disability Act (ADA), and American Standard for Testing Materials (ASTM).
  3. PlaySafe rubber playground surfacing offers several vibrant colors to choose from giving endless design capabilities.
  4. PlaySafe safety floor provides easy install methods to allow for low costs compared to pour in place and can be placed over concrete, asphalt, crushed rock, rooftops, or any other solid surface.
  5. PlaySafe rubber playgrounds enables virtually no maintenance which means less costs and hassles.
  6. PlaySafe rubberized playground surface provides a solid unitary surface
  7. PlaySafe rubber surfacing is specifically designed for use in wet (rainfall) conditions as water will not puddle on the surface.

In conclusionPlaySafe playground tiles equals Less Worries, Fewer Injuries, Reduced Liability and Lower Insurance Premiums!

Rubber Playground Surface in Edmonton

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the rubber flooring smell?
All of the products we use are manufactured right here in North America. As a result, they only use high quality polyurethane bonds that limit VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) or off gassing to a small fraction of a percent, resulting in a non-toxic and safe product for both indoor and outdoor use. Because the products we use are made from premium recycled rubber materials, the smell is not going to be nearly as significant as traditional “virgin” or “synthetic” rubber floor materials. There may be a faint distinct odor after the “initial” installation, but that smell will soon dissipate.

How do I maintain the tiles?
The products we use are easy to clean and maintain. A simple broom, vacuum, mop, or hose down is all that is required. We do NOT recommend the use of cleaners with a high pH value or petroleum based products to clean the rubber, as it may break down the rubber compound rendering the warranty null and void.

Where is this product manufactured?
We are extremely proud to say that the products we install are manufactured in either Canada or the United States. Please do not be fooled by cheap (import) imitations and be sure to ask other contractors if their products are made in Canada or the United States.

What thickness of flooring should I use?
The heavier the objects that are being placed on the flooring and/or the higher amount of foot traffic, the thicker the flooring needs to be. Although, all thicknesses are extremely durable and can handle extreme conditions, the extra thickness will improve the longevity of the tiles, while providing improved fall protection to your children.

What type of surface can the rubber tiles be installed on?
The tiles need to be installed on top of a solid surface. If you don’t have a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt, we recommend constructing a base using ¾ inch road crush and compacting it to 90% Proctor Density. The base needs to be graded and levelled in order to provide adequate drainage.

How much does this type of product cost to install?
Cost of the installation ultimately depends on a number of factors, some of which are…

  1. Size of the area to be tiled
  2. Thickness of the tiling system to be installed
  3. Access to the work area
  4. Number of (play structure) support posts

What type of warranty is offered?
The products are backed by a (10 year) manufacturer’s warranty, something that you will not see from many (imported) manufacturers.

We trust you found this article to be both educational and informative?

Should you have any questions or if you would like to request a quotation… we would love to hear from you!

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