Edmonton Landscaping Ideas to Help Sell Your House for Top Dollar

Would you like to Improve the Chances of Selling Your House for TOP DOLLAR and at LIGHTNING SPEED?

If so… you may want to read this article for some Edmonton landscaping ideas and watch the time lapse video we took of an Edmonton Landscape Revitalisation Project we completed this past summer.

This is What Happened…

Our client was referred to us by a local realtor who has a proven track record of helping clients sell their houses as QUICKLY as possible and… for TOP dollar! They had tried to sell their house previously with very little success, so they were looking for some professional advice on what they could do to solicit a QUICK and relatively PAINLESS sale this time around.

We met with them and offered our opinion and professional advice on what they should do to improve their chances. We stressed the importance of “Curb Appeal”. Fact is… if a potential buyer doesn’t like the look of the house from the curb, you may NEVER get them inside. There is no question, this particular property was AMAZING INSIDE, but the outside was far from appealing. In fact, “DARN RIGHT UGLY” was the ONLY way to describe it!

Our Landscaping Advice

Just drive around and take a look at properties that are listed for sale in your own neighbourhood. How many of them look like they have been taken care of? Not too many!

So if you would like to provide yourself with a “marketing edge over the competition”, providing your yard with a little “TLC” PRIOR to listing it will definitely set your property apart from the rest and provide you with that… MUCH NEEDED EDGE!

Fact is… the first two weeks after a property is listed for sale is the most CRITICAL time! Why is this you may ask? Because it attracts the immediate attention of Realtors and potential Buyers that are looking in that area of the City. With this in mind, you have a GOLDEN opportunity to showcase and attract as much attention as possible. If you miss this “Golden Window of Opportunity”, your property will become a statistic and sit there along with all the other THOUSANDS of listings that are waiting for someone to come along and put in an offer.

With this in mind… WHY wouldn’t you want your property to “Look the VERY Best It Can Look”.

You know what they say about “First Impressions”? They are “Lasting”.

We advised our client to do the following…

  1. Prune all Trees and Shrubs
  2. Cut down Weeds in all Tree/Shrub Beds
  3. Spread “Small Wood Bark” (ground cover) on top of the existing Decorative Rock in all Tree/Shrub beds as it was infested and contaminated with Weeds and Quack Grass
  4. Strip the (pet damaged) Sod in the rear yard and replace with new Sod
  5. Paint the Front Door and Garage Door Black

It’s amazing how these (simple) things really enhanced the curb appeal of the property. So much so that the property was SOLD only TWO DAYS after being listed on the Multiple Listing Service!

Not Too Many Edmonton Sellers or Realtors Can Boast Those Type of Statistics!

Now you could argue that this was just a “Fluke” or “Lady Luck” stepped in and performed her MAGIC! That could be true, but this is NOT the first time we have assisted an Edmonton Seller with the sale of a property and it’s NOT the first time we achieved the same results! I will let you be the judge of WHY our Clients continue to experience the same type of POSITIVE results?

Do you need landscaping experts to help sell your house for top dollar?

If you would like to sell your house for TOP DOLLAR and at LIGHTNING SPEED… why not consider the idea of investing a little time and money by improving the Curb Appeal of your property, BEFORE you list. Trust me… it will go a LONG, LONG WAY!!!

Don’t have the TIME or ENERGY or lack the CREATIVE FLARE to tackle the job yourself? That’s NOT a problem… OUTDOORSPACE would LOVE to help you with that! Get an estimate for your outdoor space!

Here’s an article backing up this whole idea!