Planning Your Landscaping Project – Deck and Patio

For landscaping in general, and for deck and patio planning, when we meet with clients to discuss their “OutdoorSpace” needs, we always start off by asking the following question… “How do you intend on using your OutdoorSpace”. This is a critical question that helps us understand how our clients intend on using their OutdoorSpace… BEFORE we head down the path of creating a landscape design.

We truly believe that our “Outdoor Space” is an extension of our “Indoor Space”. Let me put things into perspective for you. When you build a house you spend a lot of time and resources selecting or modifying a plan or design to suit your individual or family (lifestyle) needs. So why would you not do the same when creating a design for your OutdoorSpace?

deck and patio

Considerations for Your Deck and Patio

With this in mind, why don’t we start with a common (hardscape) Landscape feature such as a deck or patio. These types of features are typically one of the most expensive components of any landscaping project, so why wouldn’t you take the time to make sure you’re create something that is going to work for you?

All too often decks and patios are constructed with absolutely no thought or consideration for their intended use. For instance, do you plan on setting up a table and chairs for lunch or dinner, or are you are planning on using this Space to relax in some BIG FAT COMFY lounge chairs? What if you intend on introducing a nice fire table to keep you warm on those cool Edmonton summer evenings?

These are all things that need to be taken into careful consideration… BEFORE you create your design!

Whatever the intended use, you should also make sure you create adequate space to position the furniture the way you want it. There is nothing worse than purchasing the furniture you want, only to find out that it won’t work with the space you have created.

Maybe you plan on installing a gazebo after the deck and patio has been constructed?

These are all things that should be taken into consideration PRIOR to constructing these types of landscape features.

When we conduct Landscape Design Consultations with potential clients, we ALWAYS suggest that they consider the following before they decide on sizing a deck or patio.

  1. What is the intended use for the specific area?
  2. What does the footprint (layout and size) of the furniture look like?
  3. Are you are planning on installing a gazebo to cover the area?

Size of Your Deck and Patio

Once you have made the above decisions, you are now in a position to correctly size the deck or patio.

If I can put this into perspective for you. Let’s say you have a “size 12 foot”. Would you go out and purchase a pair of “size 8” shoes? I think you get the idea of where I am coming from!

These are the following steps I recommend you take, PRIOR to establishing the size of a deck or patio:

  1. Decide on the intended use for the space
  2. Select the type of furniture you intend on purchasing for the space
  3. Obtain measurements with everything positioned the way you intend and make sure you have provided yourself with enough space to sit comfortably, as well as navigate around the furniture. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being too close to a Fire Table, having your chair fall off the outer edge of a Patio or jammed up against the House or Deck railing!
  4. If you are planning on installing a gazebo to cover the furniture obtain the size of the structure

NOW… you are in a position to correctly size the deck or patio!

Don’t put the “Cart Before the Horse”, or in this case… Don’t construct the “Deck or Patio Before You Choose Your Furniture”.

We are pretty sure of one thing… if you follow the advice that we have offered, you will be glad that you did!

Should you have any questions or if you would like some help designing your own OutdoorSpace… We would love to help you with that! Contact us here.